From Brick & Mortar to Omnichannel in 3 years

From Brick & Mortar to Omnichannel in 3 years

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Online shops are growing and the sales in traditional physical shops are declining. Many of the traditional brick & mortar shops are reluctant to implement e-commerce shops because they see e-commerce as a competitor to their existing business. So the questions is - how can a traditional brick & mortar shop invest in e-commerce and create a win-win situation for both the physical and online shops?


In 30 min. I’ll tell the story of how we’ve succeeded with this for a traditional store chain. In 3 years we’ve achieved:

  • 98% of customers to use login when shopping online.

  • Growing the customer database from 100.000 to a million.

  • From €100.000 in online sales to €20 Mio in 3 years

Next up:

  • In-store concepts

  • The chatbots are coming!  


  • How to transform a brick & mortar shop to a modern customer-oriented (e)-business

  • How executing omnichannel increases customer satisfaction and increases revenue at the same time

  • Omnichannel is not only a technical issue. It is also about structure and organisational design

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Kresten Wiingaard
Kresten Wiingaard