crowd-creation is your reliable partner in the conception, programming and administration of innovative online community solutions

Community + Surveys + Ideation Contests = Community-Box CSI

For the first time, by introducing the Community-Box CSI, we can offer you a community platform which allows you to optimally tap into the knowledge of your employees, clients, and suppliers and use it for yourself and for a faster innovation process!

The decision is yours whether you want to go online with our preconfigured Community-Box CSI or with a version adjusted and tailored individually for you!

Three Arguments for the Community-Box CSI and for the crowd-creation GmbH:

1. No License Fees

By using open source software, no license fees will accrue and you are not bound to any provider.

2. Drupal and Drupal Only

We use nothing else but the content management system Drupal and its distributions for our work. For our Community-Box CSI, Drupal is used as well.

3. We Are There for You

For us the project is not over upon completion. We will support you over the entire lifecycle of your community solution or your website.