Customer Documentation and CXM in Drupal

Customer Documentation and CXM in Drupal

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Service manuals as PDF in a download area of the website only? The solution merges technical documentation for customers with given marketing texts on a website to a continuously updated stock of product information. For customer documentation, this opens up all possibilities for customer experience management. This includes customer interaction and communication, personalization, analytics, marketing integration, user experience optimization and responsive design for customer documentation.

From the source systems, like component content (CCMS) or product information management systems (PIM), the customer documentation is merged automatically with the marketing texts in the web content management system. The manual maintenance of a PDF download area and the previous deployment in HTML format by the CCMS are no longer required.

The integration of customer documentation to the marketing texts in the WCMS allows customers to research on the website and with the search engine The search results are leading directly to the desired product information with the instructions for further actions. Each additional browse and search in other service portals and file formats is omitted.

The customers get by the Customer Experience Management (CXM) in the WCMS additional value of information. CXM is in this context personalization and contextualization of customer documentation. CXM is been realized by the integration of further data in the WCMS. It includes in particular customer data from the customer relationship management system.

The solution for the integration of technical documentation in the customer experience management with Drupal is part of the AMPLEXOR TechCom Suite. The service-oriented architecture of the AMPLEXOR Hub allows the choice of different component and web content management systems.

Jörg Drescher

Joerg Drescher is ECM business analyst and senior consultant for AMPLEXOR and  specialized on Customer Experience Management (CXM), and in particular on the web content management system Drupal.

Mr Drescher is responsible for the requirements and specifications of customer requirements in CXM projects as well as for their implementation in customer projects.

In addition, Mr Drescher has 20 years of professional experience in software development, professional service, in the field of presales and in international projects.

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Jörg Drescher
Jörg Drescher
Business Analyst/ Senior Consultant