To the moon and back - Customer Identity and Access Management in a Global Drupal setup

To the moon and back - Customer Identity and Access Management in a Global Drupal setup

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Starting in 2015, ETECTURE created a multi-market Drupal setup for a Global Player’s international brand, spanning nearly 40 country-specific sites.

After the initial setup of the master approach on Acquia Cloud SiteFactory (ACSF), we extended the application in many ways to provide for new marketing campaigns and market-specific features.

Last year, we integrated Gigya as the Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution for this setup.

My talk will focus on the challenges and solutions of this complex, but in the end highly successful CIAM integration.

Topics in detail:
- Application overview - Multi-market site and master approach
- CIAM - What it is and why you should care
- Integrating Gigya with Drupal on ACSF in “Apollo 13” mode - How to create a successful solution in a multi-stakeholder context with a ridiculously short timeframe

(If you are interested in Gigya specifics, we will also have some representatives in the audience, available for Q&A after the talk.)

Jutta Horstmann:
Computer science grad, entrepreneur, CEO of Data in Transit, now technical consultant to ETECTURE. Does Drupal since 2005, frequent speaker and sponsor of camps and cons ever since.

Founded 2003 by a team of experienced software specialists and consultants. Today more than 120 employees in 5 offices ensure that our customers’ visions become digital reality.
We support and advise customers with consultancy, customized software solutions and state-of-the-art technologies for the web.

Session Slides:
Jutta Horstmann
Jutta Horstmann
Technical Consultant