Playing soccer with Drupal 8: Sevilla FC

Playing soccer with Drupal 8: Sevilla FC

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Sevilla FC is one of the oldest and most relevant soccer teams in Spain. In
the past 10 years it has been one of the most successful teams in Europe, and
has become the only club in history to have won the Europa League 5 times.

In the XXI century, being a successful soccer team means you better have in
place a proper digital strategy, a well-established online presence and a
powerful hosting infrastructure to cope with the increasing amount of fans
demanding a great deal of information at very precise times (such as right
after relevant games or to welcome new players in the team).

In particular, hardly 9 months ago the soccer club was facing major digital
and technological challenges. A new digital strategy was required in order to

- Enhance the club online brand image.
- Increase audience levels.
- Attract international public.

In addition (and partly as a consequence), its website required major
enhancements in order to:

- Withstand considerable traffic peaks.
- Allow the creation of new content easily and quicker than ever.
- Host content in a significantly higher number of languages.

All in all, a fully revamped versatile website was urgently needed to support
and contribute to the tremendous success of this legendary Spanish soccer

If you want to know how Drupal 8 and La Drupalera (a Drupal specialised
spin-off of the IT professional services Emergya) made it possible, please
join Rafael Martín, one of Emergya’s co-founder, in his speech ‘Playing
soccer with Drupal 8: Sevilla FC’.

Session Slides:
Rafael Martín de Agar
Rafael Martín de Agar
Country Manager