European Drupal Business Days 2017: Keynote Day Recap

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European Drupal Business Days 2017: Keynote Day Recap

A few days ago we provided here a recap on the Executives Day (day 1).

The second day, also known as the Keynote Day was dedicated to keynotes and sessions for a C-level audience with 180 representants from more than 30 countries. The 3 keynotes and 30 sessions covered major topics around digital transformation, enterprise and government solutions as well as technical leadership and management. 

The Future of Marketing "Brand Communication 4.0."

The first keynote evolved around platform solutions, brandsync and personalisation based on behaviour and emotions. Rouven Volk from Acquia presented a model which allows enterprises to scale their platform by moving content and users into a cloud service layer provided by Acquia Lift and Acquia Content Hub which smoothens migrations in different phases of companies and allows content distribution and personalisation across different systems and technologies. Jürgen Kütemeyer jumped into the topic how trio-group uses brandsync to synchronise brand communication based on emotional profiles. Ivo Radulovski continued with a summary how trio-group combines several technologies like Drupal, Acquia Lift and brandsync to create a platform which gives companies a face and allows a truly personalised experience based on behaviour and emotions.

Keynote: Drupal at Hubert Burda Media - Lessons learned in Thunder's first year

The second keynote delivered by Collin Müller, provided insights into Hubert Burda Media’s “Thunder” project and its development. Hubert Burda Media managed to create a coalition and network around its Drupal 8 based content management platform which involves other publishing houses, Drupal agencies and third party solution and service providers.

Keynote: Drupal at Stanford University 

The third keynote gave us a glimpse of how Stanford University built their API driven Drupal infrastructure with microservices. Zach Chandler gave us an overview of Silicon Valley and how Stanford University is interconnected with the Valleys and some of the world’s leading tech startups and companies. An interesting fact is that while Drupal is not officially taught at Stanford it’s presence as the main web system at Stanford influences and inspires many of the students to build solutions with or on top of Drupal.

After the networking lunch, a blast of 30 sessions started. Many commented that during the whole afternoon it was hard to decide which sessions to visit and for us there is no better confirmation that the selection of speakers and topics was exactly what we were looking for. All the sessions have been recorded and we will release soon the videos.


Some of the session highlights on Twitter: